We are Florida Receiver

We’re good listeners.

That’s what makes Florida Receiver excellent problem solvers. We begin each assignment by listening to your needs and your concerns. From there, we analyze your project and develop an approach to and develop strategies to meet your objectives.

You come first. At Florida Receiver, the personal care and service our clients deserve has always been our first priority.

It is our mission to:

Augment your staff to supplement in-house capabilities.

Identify and prioritize solutions to lender acquisition and disposition strategies.

Develop plans to overcome physical, institutional, and financial obstacles to specific projects and their disposition.

Most of this professional assistance can be provided and/or directed by persons who are highly skilled in the loan workout and the real estate development functions. It is critical that this type of consulting be flexible to successfully meet the individual needs of the property and client organization.

As a court-appointed receiver, our services are as minimal or comprehensive as our clients require. Our goal is to assess, protect, and preserve the value of our clients’ assets.

At what cost?

We believe that service can be provided at a substantially reduced cost by experienced experts who can call on professional legal, engineering, environmental, and marketing consultants at the proper time to provide their expertise in developing an overall disposition strategy.

Our review process tries to look at each assignment as if the final decision must be made solely on the report being presented.